Protective Sheaths

Thermocouple sheaths

Effective temperature control is an essential requirement for the modern light alloy foundry to ensure that the correct metallurgical casting conditions are maintained.

ISO Prime carbon bonded silicon carbide sheaths
• excellent thermal shock and erosion resistance
• fast response time
• ease of attachment
• minimal wetting characteristics
• long-life

We stock a wide range of sizes as below. We also will manufacture to your specfications. CAP also offers a service where we can design a temprature probe to suit your needs including protection sheath thermocouple and connection'.We also offer our customers a service where we repair the probes. This helps the customer in terms of reducing both costs and the carbon footprint, as all materials involved are used to their full potential.

Standard Sizes

Length Thread
206mm 1/2"bsp
210mm 1/2"bsp
216mm 1/2"bsp
305mm 1/2"bsp
460mm 1/2"bsp
510mm 1/2"bsp
560mm 3/4"bsp
610mm 1/2"bsp
762mm 1/2"bsp
1067mm 1/2"bsp