Installation & Repair

Installation & Repair

We have over 60 year’s of experience in repair and insulation work, successfully deploying our services for clients across the globe.

We work to reduce energy loss, consulting with our customers to ensure that their furnaces are operating as efficiently as possible. This is achieved in a variety of different ways, from fitting the furnace with a high efficiency lining through to providing covers for exposed areas of the furnace, thereby helping to reduce the amount of energy required for the furnace to operate correctly. This not only reduces overall costs for our client, it also helps to reduce the carbon footprint the operational furnace creates.

We at CAP pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our repair service. It has been proven that regular servicing to the lining of the furnace will prolong the overall life of the lining under repair. The images below depict the cleansing and repair of a Tower-melting Furnace, which although 10 years old is serviced just once every 12 months.

Below are just some of the services that we offer:

• Welding and installation of refractories
• Relining transfer ladles
• Manufacture new transfer ladles to the exact specification of our customer
• Relining of all sizes of furnace, from small 'Jewellery Quarter' style furnaces to large melting furnaces
• Tower-melting cleaning tools to suit customer needs
• Onsite training for customers who wish to carry out their own furnace cleansing
• Electric, gas holding and melting furnaces
• Pot changes