Spares and Parts

Our range of elements are designed to operate at temperatures of up to 1500'C and are available in a wide variety of standard sizes to suit most applications...

Installation & Repair

CAP Furnaces Offer the Following Services: Burner and control system installation for every type of furnace and suitable for all industrial heating applications,...


CAP Furnaces always have a large range of refractory products in stock and are able to provide a full installation service for these products...


Cap Industrial specialises in the casting and pre-drying of refractory shapes using a variety of materials.

About Us

With over 70 years of experience CAP Industrial manufactures a wide range of products here in the UK. Our products range from precast shapes to furnaces and many related products in between. 

CAP has achieved ISO 9001 certification which guarantees the quality and reliability of these products. We pride ourselves with being the manufacturer and distributor of our products as well as our ability to offer our installation service worldwide.


CAP Industrial also caters for the following markets

  • Iron and Steel
  • Ceramics and Glass
  • Aluminium/non-ferrous
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive


CAP works with distributors globally who purchase and stock our products and sell to end users. Because we manufacture many of our products in our own facilities this allows our distributors to be very competitive in the various market places they operate.

Due to our many years of experience and expertise we are able to offer advice and assistance to all of our customers and distributors.


Mission Statement


  • To exceed customer expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.