Filling Cones AND HOPPERS


Filling Cones

CAP Industrial manufacture a wide range of filling cones on-site at our works before distributing our filling cones worldwide. Below is a list of the sizes of CAP Industrial filling cones that are kept in stock on an ongoing basis. We are able to manufacture according to customer specifications quickly and easily thanks to CAP Industrial’ in-house filling pattern makers.



CAP can supply cast iron hoppers or pre cast hoppers, whichever best suits the customers requirements.


Height Diameter Hole Bottom
465mm 23
465mm 30
465mm 40
505mm 23
505mm 30
505mm 40
605mm 23
605mm 30
605mm 40
700mm 23
700mm 30
700mm 40
725mm 23
725mm 30
725mm 40
815mm 23
815mm 30
815mm 40