Silicon Carbide Heating Elements

Our range of elements are designed to operate at temperatures of up to 1500'C and are available in a wide variety of standard sizes to suit most applications.

The elements we use remain rigid even at maximum working temperature, making application easy as support brackets are therefore not required. All elements are carefully calibrated to ensure a high quality and reliable solution.


Starbridge and Connectors

CAP manufactures starbridge and connectors for silicon carbide heating elements in a variety of sizes.


Refractory Cast Elements Panels and Coil Elements

The coil elements provided by CAP Industrial Ltd. can either be fully or semi embedded in an alumina based material to the precise specification of the client and there are many shapes in which these coils can be manufactured.

This flexibility means that these coil elements are considered to be very popular amongst our clients as they are simple, efficient and can be supported in many different ways.